We athletes work hard developing power and creating force, all of which are transmitted through our feet. Shove a spongy cushion under your feet and some of this force inevitably gets lost in translation. By losing the unnecessary fluff under our feet, athletes maximize the return of their invested effort.

Wall Ball

Photo Credit:  Rachel McCarty

FUNCTIONAL EXERCISES ARE ESSENTIAL when it comes to training for stand-up paddling, and wall ball exercises are functional to the core. Love ’em or hate ’em, they are a super-potent metabolic conditioning tool that can increase athletic performance. Squatting and lifting a weight overhead is also a common movement made in real life. The benefits of wall ball extend beyond the gym. 

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What's in your bag?


Wallet, lip gloss, gum, cell phone, lacrosse ball… 

I’m not a lacrosse player but the lacrosse (lax) ball has become my new constant companion. Whether traveling on trips or just shuttling to training locations, you will always find one buried with my gear. The lax ball is the perfect size and hardness for becoming your own SMR (Self Myofasical Release) tool.   It can help you roll out sore and tired muscles.  It can get into places a foam roller can’t quiet hit.  And unlike a tennis ball, it does not squish under pressure and is firm enough to hit trigger points.  

I’m known to stop drop and roll in-between clients, while watching tv and even the airport.  Execution is simple.  All you need is a wall or floor.  When using a wall, placement might be difficult depending on your target area.  Try putting the ball in a stocking.  This will allow you to dangle it in hard to reach spots like your back and shoulder.  If you place the ball in a bag and freeze it over night, you can ice and roll at the same time.  The best thing about a lax ball as a portable SMR tool is…. it cost only about $5.