Making the connection and finding those who share a passion and drive to explore fitness from all angles is not easy.  Many factors cans squash a dream and keep you stuck living in the "I always wanted to try that" place.  My goal with these fitness adventure trips is to connect you with quality guide services and give you a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts to explore fitness outdoors.  These trips have changed my life and I've been fortunate to shared them with countless other.  Some of which who have found their new fitness passion and keep coming back to the group to explore more.  

Ice Climbing Fitness Adventures
Winter dates coming soon!

Connecticut locations.
All gear, guide and instructions included.
No experience necessary!


Ice climbing looks badass but just about anyone can swing ice axes and kick crampons into an icy cliff wall. I’ve introduced many fitness enthusiasts to this sport and they're always surprised by the benefits. This is functional training at its best, engaging quads, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders, lats, forearms and core. Just about every muscle you use for standup paddling. And your cardiovascular system will be put to the test moving up different pitches.

Ladies Paddle to Climb
Lake George and Roger's Rock NY
Sept. 28-30th

Double your adventure with a paddle to climb trip on Lake George and Rogers Rock in New York!  

Day One we leave at first light with our boards packed with food and gear for an 18-25 mile paddle around Lake George. Total paddle time and the route will be determined by the weather Mother Nature intends to deliver.  This is a causal paddle but you must be prepared for paddling upwind and with choppy conditions.  We end day one camping near Rogers Rock.

Day Two we paddle to a Rogers Rock that hovers over Lake George.  Rogers Rock is a 700-foot slab with 5.4 and 5.6 multi-pitch climbs.  When we arrive at the rock, we will split up into teams begin our climb.  Once on the route, there is no turning back so you must be ready for the physical and mental challenge.  We end the day packing up camp and paddling to our take-out spot, celebrating with dinner and drinks at a local restaurant.  

Paddling experience is required.  Paddleboard and camping equipment is not provided.  Boards must be able to haul at least 40 pounds of gear. Beginner climbing experience is required.  All climbing gear and instruction are provided.    

Please contact me or call for more information!

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