Making the connection and finding those who share a passion and drive to explore fitness from all angles is not easy.  Many factors cans squash a dream and keep you stuck living in the "I always wanted to try that" place.  My goal with these fitness adventure trips is to connect you with quality guide services and give you a group of like-minded fitness enthusiasts to explore fitness outdoors.  These trips have changed my life and I've been fortunate to shared them with countless other.  Some of which who have found their new fitness passion and keep coming back to the group to explore more.  

Rock Climbing Fitness Adventures
Wednesday October 11th
Friday November 3rd

Connecticut locations.
All gear, guide and instructions included.
No experience necessary!


Ascending a 100 ft crag or 40 foot indoor rock wall involves more then adrenaline rush.  Actually, many are not aware of the great cross training benefits that rock climbing has to offer.   Most think rock climbing is all about upper body strength but in fact your lower body should be handling the main workload. Cardio is the added surprise benefit. The average 155 pound person can burn up to 700 calories in one hour of climbing.  Muscle endurance, agility, and flexibility come into play when pulling off tricky maneuvers or hanging in position for your next move.  And hello “grip strength",  something required for many sports yet rarely trained.  You can’t make it up a wall using tiny holds without a powerful grip. 

Brain benefits often take a back seat when considering a new cross training activity.  We use our brains and will power to push through the pain, fear, and endurance of many sports training activities.  It can be the thing that separates a successful athlete from the rest of the pack.  Rock climbers have the ability to go into hyper-focus mode. They are able to block pain and push beyond artificial limits, especially while climbing difficult routes that involve intense problem solving.  Body awareness is a mental benefit as well.  A climber has to understand how a certain position will feel and the outcome of the next movement. 

Oh yes, I’m going there…. “Deep thoughts by Casi".    There is nothing better then learning a good life lesson doing a workout that kicks your ass. Rock climbing teaches focus and how to conquer your fears. The idea of balance which can be related to life balance, is in play at all times and your sheer determination can be the thing that propels you to the top.


Ragged Mountain Guides

Paddle to Climb
New dates for 2018 coming soon!
Connecticut River/Seldon Neck Island

Double your adventure with a paddle to climb trip down the Connecticut River!  

Day One we leave at first light with our boards packed with food and gear for an 18-25 mile paddle down the Connecticut River. Total paddle time and route will be determined by the weather Mother Nature intends to deliver.  This is a causal paddle but you must be prepared for paddling upwind and against current if necessary.  We end day one camping on Selden Neck Island.  

Day Two we paddle to a beginner rock climbing location on Sheldon Neck Island that hovers over the river. This is a great warm up spot with beautiful views and if the tide is right we can attempt a water start!  After a few climbs we then paddle on to our landing spot for our interior climb.  The 15 minute hike in is off the beaten path with bushwhacking for a good part. This climbing is more difficult but can be done by a strong novice climber.  We end the day packing up camp and paddling to our take out spot, celebrating with dinner and drinks at a local restaurant.  

Paddling experience is required.  Paddleboard and camping equipment is not provided.  Boards must be able to haul at least 40 pounds of gear.  No climbing experience required. All climbing gear and instruction is provided.    

Please contact me or call for more information!

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