What's your secret ingredient for your fitness motivation?

Photo:  Ladies rock climbing adventure this past fall.

How do I stay motivated? This question is probably the most important question that clients ask. Everybody seems to get stuck with the idea that fitness has to look a certain way - gym, sweat, shower, home.  It wasn’t until I spent a few hours in an indoor rock gym with a friend that I realized that this was exciting. This was hard. This was a workout.  Shortly after, I began craving more things to try. Things that would help me stay focused and yet breathe. 

Finding like-minded fitness enthusiasts to explore fitness outdoors was one of my biggest struggles.  I knew I had to become a "pied piper" of people who shared the same desire.  It was important to me that this group consist of supportive newbies willing to work hard.   Nothing is worse than showing up for a class and being the ONLY beginner.  Fear of failure and "looking stupid" are reasons people get stuck in the contemplation mode.  A supportive group dynamic would be key. 

And so fitness adventure groups began.  Surfing, paddling, kayaking, rock climbing, ice climbing, winter mountaineering, and SUP were all on the menu.  Some participants immediately fell in love with the outdoor fitness challenge and even bought gear for their new passion.  Others moved on to their next adventure .  Groups immediately bonded.  Strangers became friends and partners in exploring.  Often they would text or call each other to see what they were interested in trying next.  The fitness adventures did not take the place of weekly workouts. Instead they reenergized them.  This dash of cumin was enough in the fitness receipt to keep things alive and spill over into daily life.

Next time you find yourself saying, “I’ve always wanted to try that”… Just do it.  Make the connection.  Find the right group and explore. This could be your fitness passion or the secret ingredient to keep you motivated or just the right amount of spice in your life....