The Hidden Rewards

Descent. Sounds easier than the climb, right? Seems like it would not hold the same fitness reward as a 6 hour climb to the top. Oh but it does! It carefully delivers the one, two punch of muscle soreness that creeps up on you and stays for days after repeatedly lowering your body with a 25 pound pack, down a mountain for three hours. These are the hidden rewards of fitness outdoors. The things that you don’t think about because the adventure is so great.  

The rewards for outdoor fitness are bountiful. They sometimes don’t come until you decompress from an adventure. The climb to the top holds the obvious physical beating and 5000 calorie burn. The descent has the hidden physical reward but it’s later that the accomplishment sets in. A reward hard to match in the gym. Many don’t think of the mental rewards of a fitness adventure. Mental toughness can’t easily be found on a treadmill, rower, or in a circuit espeically if you do the same thing everyday. Toss yourself on a 6288 ft mountain in some tough conditions with a supportive group, you will be surprised at the focus, determination, will power that you can pull from. Then just a few days after, you may find… your soul has been fed.  Another hidden reward.

Congratulations Summer, Christopher, Andrea, Daryl, Jim, Karen, Jake and Paul!  May your rewards be bountiful.