A Fitness Journey at 40: Kerin Buma

Fitness Goal: Weight loss and to become healthier and stronger.
Total Weight Loss: 53 pounds in 14 months, NOW a size 6!
Average Weight Loss Per Week: 1.2 pounds per week
The Plan: Exercise and calorie counting (Weight Watchers). Started exercising only 1x a week.  Quickly changed to 3x a week when weight loss slowed. Now I work out almost every day, and I don't hate it!


Surprises About My Journey:  So many times I thought to myself, there is NO WAY I can do this exercise and lift that much weight. I’ve learned that to reach my goals, I need to push myself, and have confidence that I can do it.

Hardest Part of About My Journey:  Besides getting started, the hardest part for me was when the scale would not budge. I was busting my butt each week for nothing to happen, but there were other changes like my clothes were fitting better, I was getting stronger and started to have muscle definition.  I merely placed to much value on the scale.

The Diet:  I have a sweet tooth, and I had to learn to eat treats in moderation. I also swapped out white starches for things like sweet potatoes and other vegetable options like cauliflower rice and zucchini pasta.

Keeping On Track:  Seeing all the positive changes have definitely helped me stay on target. Clothes are fitting better, and even though the scale isn’t moving as fast as it used to, I have noticed other changes that keep me going. Seeing my strength grow and my cardiovascular fitness increase was a significant motivator for me. When I first started exercising it was really hard for me. I would get exhausted quickly, and I always had that feeling that I wanted to just flop on the ground and stop. Now I'm over the hump, and I'm back running which is something that I haven’t been able to do in years.  I can push myself further and challenge myself more.

Kerin on the left with her friend Deanna at the Tylor Swift Concert a few weeks ago.  154 pounds

Kerin on the left with her friend Deanna at the Tylor Swift Concert a few weeks ago.  154 pounds

After The Goal:  I’ve got 12 more pounds to hit my goal, and I plan to keep going! My focus is to maintain my weight loss for good. I’d like to get back into long distance running and maybe run another marathon. We’ll see I’m sure I’ll think of something.

A Note From The Trainer:  There was no magic pill or top secret plan that got Kerin to her goal. It was all determination and hardwork. She quickly learned that diet and exercise had to go together, period.  On the first day of training, I had Kerin swinging kettlebells 25 and progressed to 35, doing plyometrics and modified HITT style workouts. We also worked on body awareness, key for injury prevention and her future sports performance.  I am happy to say, Kerin is now committed to being fit for life.