Photo Credit:  Rachel McCarty

Private Personal Training Sessions:
My training sessions are designed specifically with your goals in mind and we don't have to be stuck inside a gym or studio.  We can take anything we do outdoors!   Kettlebells, BOSU, sandbags, medicine ball, and ropes are just some of the equipment you will learn to use.  Everything is designed to keep you learning, interested, and moving forward to the new fit-for-life you. One hour sessions.

Group Personal Training Sessions:
In your home or at my studio, group training sessions are a great way to keep you on target or get that extra push to work harder.  Sessions are held in true boot-camp style where participants rotate through cardio strength circuits.  Kettlebells, BOSU, sandbags, medicine ball, ropes, and jump ropes are just some of the equipment you will learn to use.  Groups are limited to 6 so that participants can get the attention they need to perform exercises correctly.  One hour sessions.

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) 101:
There actually is a right way to paddle and once you've mastered it, a whole new world on the water will open up.  Recreational touring, open ocean paddling, racing, downwinders, whitewater, SUP surf, and SUP fitness are all right there for you to explore.  SUP 101 will take you through board basics, safety, planning, and various paddle skills, creating the foundation for your future paddling adventures. One and a half hour sessions.  Class book upon request.

SUP Beach Bootcamp:
Want a change of pace for your next workout?  Try busting out some burpees, kettlebell swings, partner medicine ball toss, pushups then run to your stand up paddleboard to paddle sprint around a buoy course.   All barefoot and in beachwear.  Now that sounds better than a gym!  Private, semi-private and group training available. One hour sessions. 

We lose our balance as we age and we often forget to add balance exercises into our workouts.  SUP FIT takes cardio strength circuits out onto the water for a heart pounding working all while improving your balance.  Resistance bands and your paddle become your exercise tools. This is functional training at its best. No paddling experience necessary.  Each class starts with thirty min. of paddling technique and then transitions to circuit training. Did I mention you get to fall in the water to cool off?  That's my kind of cool down! One and a half hour sessions.  Class book upon request!

SUP Race Training for Triathlons:
SUP triathlons have been popping up everywhere and correct paddle skills during the race can make it or break it.  This is a beginner race class where you will learn everything you need to know about race boards, paddles and the paddling skills required to send you to the finish line.  No experience necessary.  Private and group lesson available.  Class book upon request!

SUP Surf Sessions
Sun, warm air, gentle breeze, clean salty water, the gentle power of the ocean gliding you forward on your board. Sounds great right? It is! You do not need to live on a tropical island or be a young hot-shot to enjoy surfing. We have some of the best surf around here in New England and it is for all ages and ability levels. Come out with us for a beginner SUP surf clinic. Take your flat-water paddling skills out to the exciting and fun environment of ocean waves.  Classes book upon request!