Photo Credit: Rachel McCarty


“If you only train while sitting or lying on a bench, then how do you expect to improve your game or move through life with more stability? Life and sports do not happen in stable conditions.”


Since 2007, Casi Rynkowski has been living her dream training athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those who want to live a healthier life style. Her passion for fitness outdoors exploded when she launched her outdoor fitness business, exposing clients to the idea of fitness outside the gym box. Surfing, standup paddling, climbing, ice climbing, winter mountaineering, hiking and riding became her new training ground in New England.  Her clients not only found new ways to cross train outdoors but found new passions for life.

Casi got hooked on stand up paddleboarding (SUP) on an outdoor adventure trip with her training program.  Already an avid snowboarder and surfer, the addition of stand up paddle to her repertoire was natural and she is loving it. As a fitness professional, Casi believes that fitness training on a stand up paddleboard is one of the greatest additions to functional training that has come around in a long time. Training on a paddleboard provides a whole-body workout that can hardly be equaled in any other way.

Today you will find Casi expedition paddling, surfing and leading SUP Fitness bootcamps across New England.  Expedition paddling has become her new focus.  She loves the challenge of open ocean paddling, with the interaction of tides, swells, wind and planning for a trip. On the flip side, she loves the complete and utter unpredictability of the weather and conditions that makes all that planning obsolete.

On land, Casi specializes in both general conditioning and sports performance. Her training programs are designed to increase strength, power, speed, and agility. Typical training sessions are in the form of cardio-strength circuits and always include some form of balance training. 

Casi is an AFAA certified personal trainer, and ACA level 2 SUP instructor.  She is also a BIC Ambassador as well as the BIC Ambassador Team Coordinator, a Werner Team Paddler,  a MTI Ambassador, Adventure Medical Kit Ambassador and a team member of Virus Action Sports Performance.